Why IT Tech Professionals Need Professional Liability Insurance Protection

If an information technology professional is asked to develop software for a major information technology company, they better carry some sort of professional liability technology insurance for techs. If the company is asking you to develop tax calculation software, this can be a fairly important project. A company needs there to be very few errors in the development of such software because a lot of people can already be very frustrated when they are doing their taxes. If people find a bunch of errors in their tax return after using the software that the IT professional developed, that will almost certainly lead to a class action lawsuit.

The web programmer who developed this software as an independent contractor or direct employee of the company will almost certainly be named liable for their error in what would likely turn out to be a massive lawsuit. The amount of damages paid out from this could and should be fairly huge. People don’t need tax errors and trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. The facts such as these being laid out point to a situation where the IT professional needs to be carrying some sort of affordable business liability insurance. The technology insurance can save both your career and your life savings.