Over Spending on the Investment in Concrete Equipment

Remember what it is like taking your 5 old year child into the toy store to pick out a Birthday present? Did you come out with more than one gift? Emotion can lead you to paying to high of monthly payments on your new investment and delay your payback on making a profit.New concrete companies can over spend and theorize emotionally why they think they want something when they can’t understand the difference of need and want.  If you are looking to buy a new cement block making machine you might want to consider saving some money and getting some used equipment instead.

The equipment is only a part of the overall investment between land, building, transportation, administration and sales. Be careful not to spend too much on all aspects of the business for a start up operation. Land, building, equipment, trucks…etc…everything.It is easy to get in a trap of believing you require and need more items than you really do to start up or expansion. One wise customer told me he would always ask himself prior to purchasing anything: “will it save my company time, money, increase quality or reduce labor?” Simple questions can sometimes make the decisions easier. What is really a required need versus just another item to purchase?