Are You Using Networking as a Free Way to Market Your Small Business?

Networking online or off, can be an extremely effective tool in your small business marketing plan. Some business owners are so great at networking that they have no reason to market themselves in any other way. There are a couple of things these people know about networking and when done properly, they can lead to new business almost every time.

Marketing by networking is an easy, effective and free way to get more sales. But many people don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. First of all, it’s important when you meet a new contact to ask them what they do before launching into a detailed description about you, yourself, and you. That’s not the goal of networking for your small business.

Marketing by networking is also meant to show how helpful you are. When you are speaking with a contact and listening about their business and the challenges they’re facing, you can perhaps recommend other service providers you have relationships with that could help them. Networking goes both ways. It’s about being helpful and demonstrating your level of professionalism to potential clients. Not only do you want to get new connections through your small business networking, but you should try to make new connections between other members of your network. They’ll be doing the same for you – that’s how networking works.