The Answers To Most Commonly Asked Questions When Getting A Liability Insurance For Personal Trainers

Why do I need insurance?

It is absolutely normal for you to think you don’t need liability insurance as a personal trainer. If you sit back and take a look at the amount of clients, you come in contact with and assess the fact that it only takes one of them to be too careless to strictly adhere to all your safety procedures and get injured, you will realize that you have serious liability. You might also be risking a damaging lawsuit from the property owners you rented your facilities from. All these disaffections and litigations could eventually destroy your business and reputation.

How does a Personal trainer liability Insurance cover me?

When you purchase a personal trainer liability insurance, you will be covered from the financial exposures that you could have incurred when there are claims from one or more of your clients. Some of these claims might be – sexual assault, bodily harm, libel, slander and any claims that arise from your imagined or real incompetence.

How many types of Insurance are available?

Depending on your insurance company, there are two basic types of the insurance plan that are available to personal trainers. One is the coverage personal injury liability insurance which seeks to protect you from claims arising from libel, slander, privacy invasion; while miscellaneous personal trainer insurance protects you from bodily damage or injury arising from dereliction of duty.

How much will it cost me?

The amount you will spend on getting a liability insurance for personal trainers plan will depend on the provider you decide to settle for. The only pointer to this is to try to compare prices and plans from as many insurance providers as possible.